About Us

Olympic Trophies & Sports - A leading brand across the world

For close to 50yrs now, Olympic trophies and sports has shaped as an iconic store in the country. Catering to over a wide spread of professionals, it has a variety of products under its deck including Trophies, Sports and Fitness goods from all spheres. We deal with the highest quality goods at the most affordable prices as quality and service is the greatest asset we provide to our customers.

With the largest collection of trophies, momentoes and sporting goods in the country, this corporation earmarked an era of sporting showrooms in the country. Olympic Trophies and Sports today is a brand by itself, possessing dealerships of over 100’s of leading brands across the world. With an unmatched infrastructure and manpower, we supply to various organizations in and around the country.

What started as just a retail sports store in 1975 catering to the neighborhood, today is the leading seller of all its goods in the country. Olympic Trophies and Sports takes pride in its efficient service and striking quality. Our dedication shall remain eternal to the industry and to all those associated with it.

Olympic Trophies & Sports